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In print.

Back when I first started LBK Designs, all I did was print. Postcards, brochures, flyers, fact sheets, multi-page reports, you name it. You'd think, by now, I'd be tired of it all. But I'm not! I just love a good print piece, and always make sure my work has a clean design, a clear hierarchy, and stand-out graphic elements. Please learn more about my print design services.


We live in a world where everything is online (for instance, you, right now, are online). It's no longer enough to have a company brochure and call it a day for marketing. No, no. Today, you need to focus (or at least fill in) your marketing strategy with online elements: websites, emails, social media. Check out how I deal with websites and email.

At your service.

For some people, creating marketing collateral sounds about as fun as going to the dentist. This just means they haven't met the right designer yet! I have been working with myself for a long time, so I am qualified to tell you that I'm a pleasure to work with. If you would rather hear it from someone else though, read what my clients say about me.

What do clients think?

“Lauren and I worked together on a website development project. I couldn’t have asked for it too have gone smoother — from wireframe to launch. She considers the client’s needs and works very well collaboratively within a team environment. Lauren’s work is creative, smart, and efficient, and work ethic highly professional. I have no doubt we’ll be working on future projects together.”

—Cheryl Fox, Principal, Sky Design Loft

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