5 easy ways to squeeze social media into your busy calendar

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What’s worse than not having a blog? Having one and never writing new posts, that’s what.

Same goes for social media. If you don’t have the staff (or the budget to pay an outside freelancer or agency) to make a few updates to your Facebook or Twitter each day or week, then just don’t bother. It’s much worse to have these outlets out there with no activity since October (when it’s now almost New Year’s) than it is to not have one at all.

So if this sounds like you, make your New Year’s resolution to amp up your activity! I know, I know, you just don’t have the time. Here are 5 easy ways to squeeze social media into your busy calendar.

  1. Arrive to work 5 minutes early or stay 5 minutes late. This is enough time to log onto Facebook and make a status update or post a photo. Remember to also respond to any activity that your likers have had since you last logged on.
  2. Every time to go to the bathroom or refill your water glass, make a point to write a Twitter update (just don’t make it about the fact that you are going to the bathroom!). This will ensure your followers will see your activity at least a few times a day, assuming you don’t have a super bladder.
  3. Treat this task as you would if it were for a client. You would never put off writing a blog post if a client were expecting it from you. Give yourself a deadline each week and do whatever it takes not to miss it (i.e. work late to write it, write it while you’re on the treadmill, write it over the weekend before your family wakes up one morning).
  4. Remember, social media is not limited to 9 to 5. Get the appropriate apps for your phone, and you can post to Facebook and Twitter after business hours very easily — during the commercials of your favorite show, while you wait for your dinner to cook, after the kids are asleep, when you can’t sleep at midnight, right after your alarm goes off but you just can’t get out of bed yet. That being said, it’s worth it to do a little research about the best times to post for your particular audience. I recently read that 11 a.m. on Wednesday is an effective time, generally speaking.
  5. Go to lunch by yourself (well, you plus your laptop) once a week and do not return to the office until your blog post is complete. If the temptation of the Internet is too great a distraction for you, then don’t connect to wifi, and just write the post in Microsoft Word.

There, now you have no excuse! Don’t let 2012 pass by as another missed opportunity to connect with your audience.

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Make staying on top of your social media efforts your resolution this year
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