6 things I learned about my business during 6 weeks postpartum

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I haven’t blogged since before the birth of my second child, a daughter, six weeks ago. In the whirlwind that has been the last month and a half, here’s what I’ve learned (related to my business; I’ve also picked up some new tips on latching, bribing a toddler, and choosing ruffle butt outfits, but I digress…)

  1. If you are nine months pregnant, even if you are in the middle of a few deadline-driven projects, the baby doesn’t care. She will break your water whenever she damn well pleases.
  2. Printer reps are very accommodating, and will arrange their schedules around the other commitments of their designers (such as going to the hospital to have a baby).
  3. Working a traditional 9-5 job has its perks. When you take maternity leave, you can sleep till 10 and still receive at least some portion of your paycheck (I did this last time around). If you have your own business, taking maternity leave means you’ll be broke by the time the kid rolls over (I’m in this situation this time around, but trying to avoid the part about no money; see #4).
  4. Having your own business has its perks too. It means I can take a modified maternity leave for as long as I want, an arrangement where I get to work and fulfill my responsibilities to my clients, while also taking time to bond with my baby (often simultaneously, when she is a good sleeper!).
  5. If your baby is hungry, wet, or nervous you abandoned her (although you’re only three feet away), even if you’re on a phone call with a client, the baby will cry with increasing volume until you feed her/change her/pick her up and remind her that you’re not leaving her alone with the dog (this is similar to #1, where baby calls all the shots).
  6. Clients on said phone calls are really very understanding of aforementioned crying baby. (Cries may sound cuter via the phone than in close physical proximity.)

This is surely only the beginning of the things my daughter will be involved in teaching me (relating to both business and life). In the weeks to come, she will no doubt educate me on patience (waiting for her to sleep through the night), supply and demand (breast milk production), time management (figuring out how to feed her and take a shower before her brother wakes up), and customer service (just making her happy in general).

But I must go gaze at her while she sleeps now (see #4), so I’ll  have to write about those topics another time.

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  1. Chrissy Schmitz says:

    True motherly words. I can relate! Enjoy every moment.

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