A bike ride is never just a bike ride

posted by Lauren Rauseo on: 08/03/12 in category: design | tags: , , , , , ,

I took my kids for a bike ride the other day. Not surprisingly, at age 3, my son couldn’t pedal more than one 20-inch block of pavement without getting distracted by one of the many interesting things going on outside.

And so, a simple bike ride turned into a math lesson (finding numbers on mailboxes), a conversation about forms of transportation (planes and ride-on lawn mowers), a Q and A session on why lawn mowers are dangerous (because they can hurt you; just stay far away!), an exercise in color identification (shutters on all the houses), and of course some practice in the skills of actual bike riding.

While I anticipated a few minutes of outside play in the sweltering heat with my kids, what I got ended up being so much more. How does this relate to you and your printed and online collateral? When your audience views your marketing pieces, they are expecting, well, a marketing piece. But why not give them so much more? What can you incorporate into your brochures, booklets and websites that your customers may not anticipate but would find valuable?

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Lauren Rauseo is your one-stop shop for print design, websites, HTML email, and more. When she's not busy working on client projects, Lauren enjoys running, doing yoga, drinking a soy white mocha, and having a dance party in the living room with her kids. Shake it off, people, just shake it off.

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a bike ride with my kids
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