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As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been wanting to redesign my logo for a while now (like ever since it occurred to me that a computer mouse did not accurately represent the term “online” as I tapped away on my iPad). But, like the shoemaker’s children, this graphic designer just couldn’t find the time to create her own company’s logo.

I realized that what was really holding me back was the process. When I design projects for my clients, I’m only doing half the work — the designer’s job. Then the client provides feedback that moves the piece forward as I make edits based on their input. When I do work for myself, I am both the designer and the client, and really, how effective is it to give myself feedback? “Great job! You’re amazing!” “Really, you think so? Aww, thanks!”

Once I figured out why I was procrastinating this important work, it was easy to fix the problem. I’d put the client’s job into the hands of my fans (a.k.a. the people who like my Facebook page). My own make-shift focus group. My market-researcher sister would be proud. Modestly, I thought I’d get a handful of responses, just enough to help me make some decisions. Maybe my best friend and my old grad school classmates would chime in. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that dozens and dozens of people weighed in as I posted my LBK Logo Elections, each of which moved the winner(s) of the previous vote to the next level. Below you can see the progression. Or you can skip to the winner.

LBK Logo Election #1

LBK Logo Election #1

Results: Elements of #1, #3, and the inclusion of the tagline in #5 progress to the next round. It was revealed that the L and the B in #3 created an odd-looking number four by accident, so that spacing was adjusted in the next round.

LBK Logo Election #2

LBK Logo Election #2

Results: #3 progresses to the the next election, with lots of suggestions for improvement on font choices.

LBK Logo Election #3

LBK Logo Election #3

Results: #2 is the winner! Time for color options.

LBK Logo Election #4

LBK Logo Election #4

Results: #2 is the final winner!

With the new logo firmly set, I got busy creating a bunch of file and color-format versions of my new brand. But once I put the new logo in place on my website, I wasn’t thrilled. The box shape of the logo left too much white space in the top area of my website for my liking, as shown below.

new LBK box logo on website

I realized that although The People had chosen the winner, I was still needed as the Designer to make some calls. I’d need to create another version of the chosen design, one that didn’t fit into a box shape and that would better fit the header area of my website (and other places I’d use it). So in the end, I took the layout from one of the other contenders who came close to the finish line, while maintaining a consistent look with what I’ll call the official logo. You can see how it fares right here on this web page you are viewing. I’ll still be using the official (box) version on other materials, and I’m pleased with the flexibility I have now with both versions.

A big thank you to all my supporters who contributed!

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