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I know I should heed my own advice about blogging, but for the past two months, I guess I’ve been really busy, and blogging keeps moving to the bottom spot on my never-ending to-do list. While assignments that pay my bills do take higher priority than this blog, I’m still a little disappointed in myself for slacking for quite so long (I took less time off right after my daughter was born for pete’s sake).

Confession: While I definitely have been super busy with work-related tasks, I maybe also have been spending my could-be-should-be-blogging time on some other tasks as well. Namely playing with my kids, running in the beautiful spring weather, doing yoga, reading books on my iPad (please watch the trailer here), having dinner with friends, and watching TV shows that my husband thinks are trashy and should have been cancelled years ago (I don’t care what he says; Desperate Housewives is still an entertaining 42 minutes of DVR).

And I don’t apologize for doing any of those things, because, while I do love keeping up with this blog, I also love taking some time to smell the roses (or trip over them while I’m running, as is the more likely case for me, the runner with an unstable ankle). That being said, I am going to try to practice what I preach and be a better blogger from now on.

I’m also going to try to play with my kids while my phone is in another room so they have my full attention, run a little slower so I stop messing up my ankle, practice more yoga to make my body stronger and my mind calmer, read more powerful and inspiring books on my iPad, listen more intently while sharing a meal with friends, and watch bad dramatic TV series only while my husband is in another room.

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Lauren Rauseo is your one-stop shop for print design, websites, HTML email, and more. When she's not busy working on client projects, Lauren enjoys running, doing yoga, drinking a soy white mocha, and having a dance party in the living room with her kids. Shake it off, people, just shake it off.

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Back in the boot. Damn unstable ankle!
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