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This is my season of motherhood

my current season of motherhood

I have thought about writing this post for about two years. (Seriously, I guess I’m a slow thinker.) No, really, I’ve been wanting to write it, but something was holding me back. And I guess that something was fear. Fear that I would be judged. Fear that I would lose clients. Fear that I wouldn’t get new clients. Okay, here goes. I work PART-time. (Gulp! I said it!) You might …

Is your website print-friendly?

Is your website print-friendly?

In the digital age in which we now live, you may not think anyone is printing anything, but I assure you, the hard format and smooth feel of actual paper is alive and well. Well, for some people, at least. Enter my husband, a beer enthusiast, who, in preparation for his man-cation of beer tasting and buying, wanted to print out a list of places a particular beer would be …

Is it my job to keep clients happy?

happy client

I was recently talking with another web professional. We have a client in common and we were discussing some web-related issues the shared client was experiencing. After explaining to him that the client had pretty much gone radio silent after several back-and-forth emails about the matter, he offered me some unsolicited advice. He told me to CALL the client, rather than using email as our form of communication. I continued …

7 Email Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Oops! Try not to make these email marketing mistakes.

I recently got a slew of really bad (and I do mean baaaaaaad) email marketing messages in my inbox, so I knew I had to write about this topic. For the sake of the misguided, I won’t post any photos that would embarrass them; I’ll only pass on lessons you can learn from these sad, sad inbox disasters. 1. Comic Sans. Seriously, are people still using this font? It should …

LBK’s Top 10 Reasons She is Grateful This Thanksgiving

give thanks

With Thanksgiving just one week away, and because today I’m not feeling particularly grateful for my children, one of whom locked himself in his room for 45 minutes instead of getting ready for school, and the other who, let’s just say, ruined a perfectly good pair of jeggings 10 minutes after she went to the actual bathroom, I’ve decided to force myself to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and write… …

Why a JPEG does not an email blast make

This is what an image-only email looks like when images are turned-off.

Some designers think they can export a flyer they designed into a JPEG and voilĂ ! They have an email blast. And while it is certainly true that you CAN blast out a JPEG all by its lonesome as an email, it’s also true that I CAN drive my car backwards with my eyes closed. Neither is a particularly good idea. Why is sending a JPEG as an email so terrible? …

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