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How to make in impact with your photos

Twist Photography

Thank you to LBK’s first guest blogger, Kory Chase of Twist Photography. In today‚Äôs digital age, we are never more than an iPhone click away from a timeless memory. We use our photos to capture our moments, to keep in touch with those who are far away, to sell our products, to personify our businesses, and so so so much more. We no longer leave photography to professional photographers. Technology …

Why the answer to your question is “No”

Sorry, but no

When I show a first draft of a project to a client, I brace myself for their response. “I like it,” they begin. “But can we…” Here’s why the answer is always a big, fat “No.” “But can we center it?” (the rule of thirds) I guess I can center it. But as a professional designer, I probably shouldn’t. Centering it will make it look like your high school prom …

How the mentee becomes the mentor

Hoping to rock this kind of enthusiasm for my work

I’ve been a member of a networking group for women in Baltimore working in creative fields for more than three years. I haven’t been very active in it, save for some online input when people have random questions I know the answers to. Until now. The group just started their second year of its mentoring program, and they sent out a request for more mentors. So I signed up. I …

Improve your business when your workload is light

Don't let a light workload keep you from being productive.

The cold, dark months that creep up on us after the bright lights of the holiday season have all burned out can be a slow time for some companies. But don’t let a dry spell get you down and unproductive. When business is slow, it’s the perfect time to work on your own business. Throughout the rest of the year, you are too busy and you don’t have time to …

New year, same goal

I guess I know myself pretty well, because when I sat down to write a New Year’s resolutions post, I figured I had probably done this before. Turns out I said I’d write a book in 2012. And while you won’t see my name on a hard cover in the window at Barnes and Noble (not yet anyway), I did make great strides in making my goal a reality. I …

And the LBK Logo Election winner is…

new LBK logo

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been wanting to redesign my logo for a while now (like ever since it occurred to me that a computer mouse did not accurately represent the term “online” as I tapped away on my iPad). But, like the shoemaker’s children, this graphic designer just couldn’t find the time to create her own company’s logo. I realized that what was really holding …

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