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The right way to re-purpose your design project

This 24x36-inch poster was properly re-purposed as an 8.5x11-inch flyer.

It’s probably happened to you before. You have a flyer. Then someone says, “Hey, we could really use that 8.5×11 sheet in a giant poster. Or you have a postcard, and the powers-that-be in your office tell you to submit the postcard artwork to a publication to use for a black and white ad. And while it’s totally okay to re-purpose the design you already have—heck, it’s more than okay, …

Make your vote count this election day!

Make your vote count and choose your favorite new LBK logo!

I am so sick of hearing about this presidential election, and I’m sort of nervous about the line I’m going to be standing in when I go to vote today, that I decided to hold my own, much more stress-free election right here! My current logo was designed in 2008. I really loved it at the time, but now my main complaint about it surrounds the “online” symbol I chose …

Are you afraid of your website?

This kid is completely safe with his swimmies; you could be too! (with a CMS)

If you are, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people out there — highly educated people with lots of degrees and other super impressive qualifications — who are just terrified of screwing something up if they get so close as a log-in screen. I totally get it. I’m not scared of websites (that would be a pretty big problem in my profession), but I am completely intimidated by mostly everything in …

What is a wire frame?

A wire frame is the skeleton of a website's design.

If you’re not in the web design business, you may not know what a wire frame is all about. But you’ve certainly heard the term tossed around by designers and developers you’ve met with about creating your website, and just silently nodded in agreement like you understood. (It’s okay, we’ve all done that at some point.) So what is this mysterious process in building websites that everyone is talking about? …

10 surefire ways to make your designer say, “Are you kidding me?”

Are you kidding me? says this designer whose clients commit these client faux pas

In no particular order… Send project edits piecemeal. Keep changing your mind, and eventually settle on the very first concept. Ask for Comic Sans font. Insist on using boring, cliche stock images. Disappear for weeks and ignore all emails and phone calls. Request multiple proposals with varying specs and then never move forward with any project. Ask why designing a website is so expensive and cite lower rates you got …

A bike ride is never just a bike ride

a bike ride with my kids

I took my kids for a bike ride the other day. Not surprisingly, at age 3, my son couldn’t pedal more than one 20-inch block of pavement without getting distracted by one of the many interesting things going on outside. And so, a simple bike ride turned into a math lesson (finding numbers on mailboxes), a conversation about forms of transportation (planes and ride-on lawn mowers), a Q and A session …

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