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When designer and client don’t agree

Win-win: When the client is happy AND the designer is happy.

It happens. Sometimes I create something so beautiful and captivating, and although I’m sure that everyone who lays eyes on it will love it instantaneously, the one person (or small group of people who make up a review committee) who is supposed to sing its praises and tell me it’s my best work ever — that’s the one who doesn’t like it. It employs the wrong style, uses the wrong color …

Ugly code hiding behind a pretty website is still ugly

Are these neatly folded sheets a facade?

In all my life, I have never been able to fold a fitted sheet. I mean, seriously, I don’t even know where to begin. It’s not symmetrical, or if it is in actual terms, then it’s not in practical application. From the moment I gently lift the corners and let it slowly fall as if I’m running through a field with clothes pins in a Tide commercial, the entire thing …

Welcome to my blog entry!

Stating the obvious...a wasted opportunity

You knew this was a blog entry before reading the title above, right? (Well, I hope you did or else this here blog entry doesn’t hold as much relevance as I’d planned.) Give your audience some credit, and don’t state the obvious. Say something that matters instead. Words are like real estate. Valuable real estate. Don’t waste them on points that everyone already knows. If I have to look at …

5 ways to let me down properly

REJECTED! But at least have the courtesy to respond to my emails.

While I like to think that I’m always the best candidate for any project [insert sarcasm], there are times when I send out a proposal, hold my breath, keep holding it as I wait to hear from the would-be client to get back to me, and then eventually, when I’m blue in the face and pretty sure I didn’t get the job, I wonder why they didn’t hire me. I’m …

Blogging and living

Back in the boot. Damn unstable ankle!

I know I should heed my own advice about blogging, but for the past two months, I guess I’ve been really busy, and blogging keeps moving to the bottom spot on my never-ending to-do list. While assignments that pay my bills do take higher priority than this blog, I’m still a little disappointed in myself for slacking for quite so long (I took less time off right after my daughter …

Is your website content older than the milk in your fridge?

Is your website content older than the milk in your fridge?

If so, it’s time to make some updates. You already know that your website should be updated on a regular basis (and twice a year, even when spread out over two even six-month intervals, does not count as ‘regular’). You know that your audience will not return to a site that has nothing new to say. And you know that Google favors sites with fresh content. So what are you waiting …

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