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Top 3 ways to piss off your freelance designer

This chicken scratch is not from a real client, but it is a real dessert menu at a restaurant I just went to. I bet their designer told them she wasn't about to type this.

*The types of clients described below are ficticious, and in no way, shape or form represent actual LBK clients. For the record, if any of you reading this are LBK clients, you guys are great! Perfect, even. You never piss me off, ever! Seriously, this post is not about you. Not even a little bit. There is no truth in here, whatsoever. Really.* In any event, if you respect your freelance designer, don’t be one …

Setting a goal is the first step to achieving it

In 2012, I will write a book.

In 2008, I said I’d run a marathon. On March 31 that year, I did. In 2009, I said I’d experience natural childbirth (read: no epidural or pain medication). On April 29 that year, I did. In 2010, I said I’d make my side freelance business my full-time endeavor. On January 1 that year, I did (okay, I guess that means I must have said so in late 2009, but I’m not …

Too much of a good thing

too much of a good thing

One day at the grocery store, I stumbled upon an item in the frozen aisle that caught my eye: Caramel Crunch Cookie Gelato. If it sounds like a little slice of heaven, that’s because it is. It was, by far, the best dessert I’d ever have the pleasure of eating (and I’m an avid ice cream desserter, so I know). I quickly regretted telling my husband how good it tasted …

5 easy ways to squeeze social media into your busy calendar

Make staying on top of your social media efforts your resolution this year

What’s worse than not having a blog? Having one and never writing new posts, that’s what. Same goes for social media. If you don’t have the staff (or the budget to pay an outside freelancer or agency) to make a few updates to your Facebook or Twitter each day or week, then just don’t bother. It’s much worse to have these outlets out there with no activity since October (when it’s now …

I’m not just a graphic designer

Despite all the hats I may wear, I have never actually worn a Santa hat.

Okay, mostly, I am a graphic designer. But I find that, to many of my clients, I end up being so much more. So in honor of the 12 days of Christmas (which, as a Jew, I don’t really get; isn’t it only one day? Feel free to leave a comment to explain it to me), here is my list of 12 other hats that I wear… Marketing consultant Business …

How big should your logo be?

Bigger isn't always better

I wish this were a question that my clients would ask me. Unfortunately, it’s more often my experience (and I assume other designers’ as well) that clients request a larger logo on their marketing collateral. Then I have to explain why bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes they get it. Sometimes they don’t. For those who don’t bother asking me, I will just tell you what I think on the topic via this blog …

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