Facebook: Using your voice and responding to fan activity

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Using your voice — be personable.

One of the best parts about having a Facebook page is that you now have a platform to give your business a personal voice. You are not just a company; you are a real, live person. And your fans want to be made aware of that.

Feel free to use exclamation points (but never more than one in a row!) or even a virtual smiley face every now and again :). You can make jokes and have a lot of fun letting your natural personality shine through. Be careful about showing too much sarcasm though; as with other non-face-to-face communication, it’s sometimes difficult to read as you intended it over a screen.

Responding to fan activity

If you’re doing everything right, and you have a strong fan base and are posting relevant content frequently, you will hopefully experience a lot of interactivity from your fans. Below are tips with regard to your response style. And remember to check out Insights (click the link on the left column of your page) to see an overall picture of your active users and interactions.

Be prompt.

At this time, there is no way for Facebook to notify page admins of fan activity. This means that you have to regularly check your page and scan for new comments and thumbs up. Get into the habit of taking a peek at least every other day or so, but preferably once or twice every weekday (depending how often you are posting and how active your fans are). You want to respond to your fans’ activity in a timely manner so they know they are being heard. You will also be reinforcing your personal voice and subconsciously encouraging future activity. Your responses don’t have to be extremely well-thought-out retorts; sometimes a simple “I know what you mean!” or “Yeah, I loved this article, too” will suffice and give you the chance to connect with your audience.

Deal with negative comments publicly.

As with other public forums, Facebook pages give users a platform to say exactly what they are feeling. As a page admin, you have the ability to delete any wall posts from fans that you don’t find appropriate. But unless there is a really compelling reason to do so (for instance if someone uses offensive language), it is usually better to address any negative or controversial comments out in the open. Maybe someone was unhappy with your company’s service. Why not take the opportunity to publicly apologize for their disappointing experience and ask how the situation could be rectified?

Don’t feel you have to have a lengthy back-and-forth right there on your page’s wall. It is completely appropriate to respond once, and include in that comment that you will contact them directly with a private FB message/email/phone call to handle the issue personally.

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Facebook: Using your voice and responding to fan activity
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