Five cures for blog writer’s block

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You have a blog. You’re committed to writing posts. But you have NO IDEA what to write. Now what?!

1. Find your voice

You may have an inkling of the tone of your blog even before you begin writing. But after you have a few posts under your belt, you should be able to identify your own personal writing style. Maybe it’s cool and casual. Maybe it’s professional and serious. Maybe it’s instructive with a different how-to post each week. Knowing your individual technique should help you recognize new and suitable topics when you encounter them in everyday life.

2. Write what you know

You are a wealth of knowledge. Think about various aspects of your business and your expertise. Break them down into topics. If your business sells cork screws, you could blog about different types of cork screws, the history of bottle stoppers, local restaurant corkage fees, corking vs. screw caps, high-end cork screws vs. the ones that come free with a large wine purchase at the liquor store… See? The possibilities are endless! Pick and choose what makes sense for what your blog is trying to accomplish.

3. Look at the world

Take a current event and write your own op-ed piece as it relates to your industry or business. If you are an IT services firm, perhaps you want to write about the slow death of popular browser, Internet Explorer 6. This technique is handy because there will never be a shortage of international, national or local headlines on which to comment.

4. Look around you

You may not have to consult a newspaper to find what you’re looking for. You’d be surprised how incidents in your own life can be turned into blog posts. You just have to be open to recognizing them. Before you go to bed each night, ask yourself: Did I learn any lessons today? Can anything I encountered be related to the variety of subjects that make up my blog? Sometimes, it may not be obvious. Maybe your four-year-old asked you why the sky was blue. If you are a business consultant, you could angle a post on the top ten abstract questions your clients have ever asked you about running a company (and maybe you can even answer them, too!).

5. Read other blogs

The World Wide Web is filled with people giving away free information. Read blogs written by professionals in your own and other industries. You are bound to be inspired. Just remember that while you may link to and reference others’ articles, be sure you don’t copy their exact ideas or content (um, that’s called plagiarism).

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