Five ways to make time to blog

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So you have a blog. But are you actually posting? Keep reading for tips on following through with your company’s blog.

1. Keep your promises

Determine a posting schedule. It can be daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly… Whatever it is, stick to this timetable so that your readers’ expectations are met. If you are having your hip replaced or going on an extended vacation, consider a guest blogger to fill in so that your readers aren’t disappointed by your blog’s sudden absence.

2. Record ideas as they occur

Whenever an idea for a post comes to you, write it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a complete thought.  Even just a word or phrase can be developed into a full article later on. Don’t assume you’ll remember an idea you had in the shower by the time you sit down to compose a blog post next Tuesday. Write it down now! Keep all these ideas on a topics list and refer to it when you are ready to write a post.

3. Write now, publish later

It’s like blogging on credit. During downtime (if you have any) write as many posts as you have ideas for on your topics list. You can assign dates for them to automatically post in your WordPress or Blogger blog, or you can manually publish them when you’re ready.

4. Put it on your calendar

If you’re like many solopreneurs who take on every role from president to administrative assistant, you may never have downtime! In this case, you must schedule time for writing, as you would for any project or meeting. Whether it’s something you take care of first thing every Monday or last thing every Friday, dedicate one hour to your blog each week (and maybe more if you’re aiming for several posts a week).

5. Don’t waste a moment

Use the time you squander in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or in line at the grocery store to jot down notes that you can later expand into posts. Spending otherwise wasted time wisely will cut down on the actual writing phase and take less time away from your work.

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