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So who is LBK, anyway? That answer and more can be found on the pages of this section. But if you only have time for the Cliff’s notes version, keep reading right here.

  1. I’m a nine-to-fiver-turned full-time freelancer, which means I choose the jobs I take on, and I love everything I do (and my clients can tell).
  2. Sure, I have credentials, but mostly I’m a self-taught designer and coder. And I’m constantly learning more.
  3. My clients are small businesses, non-profits, and industry organizations. I work with principals, executive directors, board members, committee heads, and volunteers.
  4. My skill-set covers many areas, and I work with other freelancers for certain types of work. If you’re not sure if I am the right fit for your project, just contact me. I will never make a promise I can’t deliver.
  5. My perfect day would include a soy latté, a run with my dog, a few games of Patty Cake with my kids, and a quiet afternoon turning a client’s hurried vision into a real, functioning website. (Okay, fine, add in a manicure, a massage, and a full-time nanny if we are being perfectly honest with each other.)

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I'd love to work with you on your next project. Please get in touch!