Why the name?

LBK Designs is just me, Lauren Rauseo (well, mainly just me, unless you count my dog, Lucy, who is often sitting at my feet while I work). Before I got married in 2006 and became Lauren Rauseo, I was Lauren Beth Kaufman, hence the “LBK.” But the name of my company was born long before I was thinking about building websites and brand identities, or even weddings and name changes.

When I was in my high school desktop publishing class (I don’t know if they even call it that anymore; gosh, I’m old!), I used to put my signature line, “LBK Designs” on the back of every assembly program and sports awards itinerary I designed for the school. When I was a senior and editor-in-chief of the yearbook, the advisor of the class got me a stamp with my initials to use for approving copy and page layouts completed by other students (I still have the stamp somewhere and am trying to figure out a good use for it now; suggestions are welcome).

My initials as a nickname really stuck after that, and my close friends and family members still often call me LBK. So by the time I decided to go into business for myself, I didn’t even think about the name for my company. And even though at the time I secured my domain name, I was only months away from wearing a diamond on my left ring finger, I knew my freelance business was the only way I could forever hold on to the set of initials that I felt had a nicer ring to them.

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