Host your website with IPOWER

I have worked with IPOWER for domain registration and web hosting for more than six years. In that time, I have experienced high-quality service at extremely low prices, reliable technical support, and almost no downtime. (And the service reps are a lot friendlier-sounding on the phone than this dude looks.)

If you use me for your website design, development, maintenance, or all of the above, I can work with a hosting company of your own choosing, or I can continue my relationship with IPOWER (which is a user-friendly platform with which I am comfortable using).

Even if you don’t use me for your web services, I still recommend IPOWER if you are looking for a dependable, affordable hosting service.

Host your website with IPOWER

Please use this link to sign up for IPOWER so that they know LBK Designs sent you there: Host your website with IPOWER

When you are going through the process of purchasing hosting services, IPOWER will ask you if you are interested in other services as well. I recommend that for a few extra dollars, you proceed with Domain Privacy, Site Backup, and Site Lock.

Disclosure: I have to tell you that LBK Designs receives compensation from IPOWER when a visitor is referred from this site and purchases their hosting packages. However, that is not the reason I endorse them (it is a nice perk, though!). I endorse them for the dependable, affordable service. I am independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Host your website with IPOWER

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