Is your website content older than the milk in your fridge?

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If so, it’s time to make some updates. You already know that your website should be updated on a regular basis (and twice a year, even when spread out over two even six-month intervals, does not count as ‘regular’). You know that your audience will not return to a site that has nothing new to say. And you know that Google favors sites with fresh content.

So what are you waiting for? You may think you don’t have anything new to say, or any new information worth sharing with the world. Well, I think you’re wrong.

Here are 20 ideas to get you started.

Not all suggestions will apply to you, depending on the type of business or organization you have. But it should get your wheels spinning at least. Good luck!

  1. Blog entries (that was an easy one!)
  2. Company announcements
  3. New hires
  4. Upcoming events or invitations
  5. Enticing info about an event (i.e. items that will be at an auction, famous people who will make an appearance…)
  6. Fundraising initiatives for non-profits
  7. Feel-good stories for non-profits (i.e. the things donors like to read right before they give you their money)
  8. New programs you are running
  9. New products you are selling
  10. New services you are offering
  11. Limited-time discounts or promotions
  12. New case studies or success stories
  13. Customer reviews of your products/services
  14. Client testimonials
  15. Portfolio pieces
  16. Updated photos throughout the site
  17. Associate bios (are they up-to-date? are any missing?)
  18. A poll for your website visitors, and then the results of that poll
  19. List of helpful resources or FAQs related to your products or other interests of your visitors
  20. Feeds from your social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.; and the bonus is that they will update automatically, so no extra work for you!)

What other types of information could you use to freshen up the content on your website? Please share in the comments.

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Is your website content older than the milk in your fridge?
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