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When you surf the web, do you go to sites that haven’t made an update since 2003? Of course not. Why would you? You can read outdated information in the encyclopedia. You go to the internet to get the latest and greatest. And you keep going back to your favorite sites over and over again because they keep giving you something new and shiny to look at.

Site visitors get bored very easily. They lose attention quickly. Show them an “Under Construction” page featuring a cartoon man with a hard hat once, and guess what? Most likely, they’ll never see that ridiculous character hammer his last nail into that site’s design. People don’t have time to check your website constantly, only to find that the people in charge of updates have very loosely defined “Coming Soon!” to mean anything between now and Christmas 2012.

Now that I’ve convinced you to make regular updates, you are thinking to yourself, what if I have nothing new to say? Unless your business or organization is the most stagnant group of boring people in the entire world, I’m sure you can come up with something! Here is a list of ideas to get you started.

Products and Services
Has your company grown its product or service line? Don’t overlook this opportunity to not only update your services page, but also your home page. Treat the new item as an announcement. “Whachamacallits, now available at ABC Company!”

If your organization is ever featured in the news (on TV, in your local or community papers or their related websites) you must link to the media source’s website, and, with permission, you can host the PDF or text version of the print article right on your site. If linking out to a media site, check every so often to make sure they haven’t archived or deleted the article you are linking to.

Client Testimonials
Did you just finish a project for a particularly happy client? Ask them to tell you in 100 words or less about their experience working with you. With their permission to publish it on your site, slap that quote on the homepage, and then link to your services page that includes the type of work you completed for them, or to a portfolio page that gives more details about that specific project.

Hire someone new recently? Has one of your employees celebrated an anniversary of service with your company? Make it an announcement on your homepage with a link to a more detailed bio page about that worker. Feature an outstanding member of your team once a month or however often suits you. Combine a client testimonial that mentions a particular employee, and then feature that person.

Are you an expert in your industry? If you’re not, you probably know enough to¬†fake it (you must know more than some people, anyhow). Start a blog on your website. Focus on topics of interest to your site visitors, not just areas that you like to talk about. Update your blog as often as is reasonably realistic for you. Set an expectation for your readers so they know when they will find new content here. Feature recent blog entries on your homepage.

As a general rule, make sure your website content is at least as fresh as the oldest contents of your refrigerator.

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