Learn the rules before you say something that makes you sound stupid

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Follow me on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook. Fly me to the moon.

If you’re not sure what terminology goes with what social network, please, by all means, ask someone who does. Here are a few examples of how to use some basic terms correctly.

Facebook (noun): “Along with the rest of the world, I am on Facebook.” or “Check out my Facebook profile —I tagged a questionable picture of you from sixth grade.”

Friend (noun or verb) / Unfriend (verb): “You are my friend on Facebook.” or “My college roommate tried to friend me on Facebook, but I ignored her since she stole my sweater freshman year.” or “We were friends on Facebook, but after that awkward scene at happy hour last week, I unfriended him.”

Fan: (noun): “That band’s Facebook page has 116 fans even though they aren’t any good.” or “To get more fans for your non-profit’s page, you will want to put a ‘Become a fan’ button on your website.”

Twitter (noun or verb): “I finally broke down and got on Twitter.” or “I spent the last three hours at work Twittering but I don’t think my boss noticed.”

Tweet (noun or verb): “Who knew I had so much free time until I ended up with 67 tweets today.” or “Cool it with the tweeting, honey and do your homework.”

Follow (verb) / Follower (noun): “I am very selective in who I follow on Twitter; I only have time to read the most interesting tweets.” or “I wasn’t popular in high school but now I have 984 followers on Twitter.”

See, that wasn’t so hard.

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