Leave proofreading to the proofreaders and I’ll leave the butt squeezes to you

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Having a new baby makes it difficult to get to the gym, leading my husband to buy some home workout equipment from an infomercial-esque, semi-shady website. Our slew of new tubes and bands came with a free DVD and handbook (free, unless you count the $90 he paid for the colorful elastics).

We went through two of the three workouts on the DVD last night (overachievers, I know), and while I can vaguely conjure up images of the video instructor doing lunges and squats, what I most remember about this experience is the text that flashed on the screen about 17 times during the duration of our session. It warned us about safety precautions to take while performing the exersize.

Nothing wrong with a little safety notice, right?


If you’re still wondering what I’m so huffy about, please reread paragraph 2 above.

Notice anything wrong? As far as I know, exercise has never been spelled with an s and a z in the second half, not even in another country (I checked to be sure before writing this, of course).

I realize I’m a stickler for good grammar and perfect punctuation, and I know that most people in the world would never in a million years notice the inconsistencies or inaccuracies that catch my eye in everyday life. But spelling a simple word incorrectly on a professionally made video that is being sold to hundreds or even thousands of customers? Showing the misspelled word seventeen times? On a product that surely was reviewed before it was mass-produced?

It’s not even as if they misspelled a legalese disclaimer type of note in small print at the beginning of the instruction, or a medical term related to stretching during that part at the end. No, this was an exercise company, putting out an exercise product, and they couldn’t even take the time to correctly spell the word exercise.

I’m no exercise expert, which is precisely why the next time I star in a home workout DVD, I will first seek guidance from a professional. I don’t know if I can even continue with our new workout regimen; I may bust out in a grammar-induced rage each time I see the larger-than-life message on my 42-inch TV screen.

Take away message from my senseless rants and raves

Whatever your profession, be it brain surgery or garbage collection, if it isn’t copy writing or editing, please hire a professional to proofread your print, online and multi-media collateral or business products. LBK Designs offers writing, editing and proofreading services for your marketing material, your book manuscript or your welcome mat.

But honestly, even if you don’t use my services, at least have a friend (or two or three) do a once-over. Maybe their eyes will be more exersized to catch your mistakes.

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