Make your vote count this election day!

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I am so sick of hearing about this presidential election, and I’m sort of nervous about the line I’m going to be standing in when I go to vote today, that I decided to hold my own, much more stress-free election right here!

LBK current logo, designed in 2008

My current logo was designed in 2008. I really loved it at the time, but now my main complaint about it surrounds the “online” symbol I chose (a computer mouse). Four years later, I find that the icon looks a bit ancient, as many people are doing their online business using nothing more than a tap of a finger. And since I actually do mobile web design, I really need to be as up-to-date with my logo as I am with the services I offer.

So, I have come up with a few new designs that do not use any icons. Icons are out. Text only is in. (You heard it here first!) And I am thankfully too busy with client projects to spend too much time mulling this over. But that does not mean it’s not important to me. Quite the contrary! Instead, I have put this decision into the hands of my audience. Which makes you think I’m the best designer ever? Which catches your attention most? Which makes you want to hire me right away?

Vote for your favorite in the comments here, or on Facebook. Right now they are all just black; I will incorporate color in a later election (hopefully sooner than the next real election!).

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Lauren Rauseo is your one-stop shop for print design, websites, HTML email, and more. When she's not busy working on client projects, Lauren enjoys running, doing yoga, drinking a soy white mocha, and having a dance party in the living room with her kids. Shake it off, people, just shake it off.


  1. Jane Kaufman says:

    I like the second one or the last one because it says what you do.

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Make your vote count and choose your favorite new LBK logo!
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