New year, same goal

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I guess I know myself pretty well, because when I sat down to write a New Year’s resolutions post, I figured I had probably done this before.

Turns out I said I’d write a book in 2012. And while you won’t see my name on a hard cover in the window at Barnes and Noble (not yet anyway), I did make great strides in making my goal a reality. I went from zero to more than 31,000 words during the first 12 months of this project. I’m not 100 percent finished the most substantial step (uh, the writing), but I’m nearly there. I’m not going to beat myself up over the fact that I didn’t complete my goal in the time frame I originally set for myself. The important thing is that I not only started the goal, but I’m continuing it. And I will complete it in 2013.

My next steps are to:

  1. Finish writing
  2. Edit the manuscript myself
  3. Show my work to a select few preliminary readers
  4. Incorporate their feedback
  5. Ask a second group to read and edit
  6. Finalize the text
  7. Add a foreword written by someone else
  8. Convert Word document to ebook format (need to research this)
  9. Distribute ebook to online stores (need to research this)
  10. Consider hard copy version

If I’ve learned one thing from my clients, it’s that if you don’t have a deadline, you won’t get it done, so let’s add some dates to this. Remember, I’m also juggling this business, two kids, a house, a dog…cut me some slack, would ya?

  1. Finish writing – January 31
  2. Edit myself – February 15
  3. First group of readers provide feedback – March 15
  4. Incorporate feedback – March 31
  5. Second group of readers provide feedback – April 30
  6. Finalize – May 15
  7. Foreword – May 15 or earlier
  8. Ebook research and creation – June 30
  9. Ebook research and distribution – July 31
  10. Hard copy – TBD

It seems pretty manageable when I break it down like that, doesn’t it? Who can’t complete a 10-step program? Wish me luck! And tell me what your 2013 goals are.

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