Top 3 ways to piss off your freelance designer

posted by Lauren Rauseo on: 02/16/12 in category: working with a freelancer | tags: ,

*The types of clients described below are ficticious, and in no way, shape or form represent actual LBK clients. For the record, if any of you reading this are LBK clients, you guys are great! Perfect, even. You never piss me off, ever! Seriously, this post is not about you. Not even a little bit. There is no truth in here, whatsoever. Really.*

In any event, if you respect your freelance designer, don’t be one of these guys.

1) The one who makes me work for free.

As a rule, I require a 50% deposit up front before I will begin a project. Occasionally, I will break my own rule and waive this upfront fee (and bill in full at the completion of the project) if the circumstances call for it. Like if it’s a longstanding client. Or if the project is really small. Or if I know where you live so I’m not that worried that you’ll pay me eventually. But every so often, I’ll have a client who takes advantage of my kindness, and then cancels the project for whatever reason. This is, in fact, the reason that freelancers require deposits to begin with: to protect themselves from doing a bunch of work and not getting paid for it.

2) The one who ignores my emails.

Let’s think about this one rationally for a moment. I’m working on a project for YOU. You are paying me good money (unless you are committing faux pas #1 as well) to design a postcard or build a website. So why would you let my emails go unanswered? I know, I know, you’re busy, you’re business is booming, bla bla bla. That is wonderful! Mine would be too — if I hadn’t just turned down a job because I thought we were in the middle of an important deadline before you went MIA.

3) The one who scans handwritten notes and makes me type them.

Seriously, I’m not a typist; I’m a designer. And if you have a scanner, I’m betting you also have a keyboard. It’s not my job to make sense of your legal notepad scribble.

There! Now you have no excuse not to be an awesome client (like all of mine).

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This chicken scratch is not from a real client, but it is a real dessert menu at a restaurant I just went to. I bet their designer told them she wasn't about to type this.
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