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Rare Patient Voice website

About this project: www.rarepatientvoice.com

I really get to work with the most unique types of businesses. This start-up company recruits patients with rare diseases so that when a market research or pharmaceutical firm is in need of a very specific group, they are at the ready with a list of respondents. I designed this website with two audiences in mind. First and foremost, it needed to get the attention of patients, and give them plenty of clear opportunities to sign up to be part of the RPV community. Second, the site needed to show its business-to-business audience how RPV would benefit them in their efforts to do research or learn more about rare diseases. Both sections of the site feature an audience-specific blog. Other elements include a Twitter feed on the homepage and a calendar of events.

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“I am extremely pleased that I contracted with Lauren to design and launch my company’s new website. Lauren managed the entire process very effectively, from learning what my objectives were, bringing in partners as necessary, nudging me to keep on timeline (she was never behind), to training me on the usage. She created a website that allows us to grow, and to easily add and change material. And it looks so professional! I would strongly recommend her for any website design and implementation work!”

—Wes Michael, President and Founder, Rare Patient Voice

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