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How the mentee becomes the mentor

Hoping to rock this kind of enthusiasm for my work

I’ve been a member of a networking group for women in Baltimore working in creative fields for more than three years. I haven’t been very active in it, save for some online input when people have random questions I know the answers to. Until now. The group just started their second year of its mentoring program, and they sent out a request for more mentors. So I signed up. I …

Make your vote count this election day!

Make your vote count and choose your favorite new LBK logo!

I am so sick of hearing about this presidential election, and I’m sort of nervous about the line I’m going to be standing in when I go to vote today, that I decided to hold my own, much more stress-free election right here! My current logo was designed in 2008. I really loved it at the time, but now my main complaint about it surrounds the “online” symbol I chose …

Should you design your small business’ logo and website yourself?

If this is what your self-designed logo looks like, then read this post!

I recently had a conversation with a prospective client who had plans to do just that, and was seeking a little assistance during the process. I’ll share with you exactly what I shared with her. I am happy to assist small business owners with whatever aspects of their marketing projects for which they need help (heck, if you want to pay me my hourly rate to help you write your …

Getting what you want (and need) when designing your logo

Getting what you want (and need) from your logo

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and give your business its much-needed identity. A brand. A trademark. A symbol. An emblem. Call it what you want. You are committed to creating your company’s logo. You may know exactly what you’re looking for in a composition. Maybe you’ve even secured a designer to take on the challenge. But no matter what your level of certainty in this unpredictable process, it’s easy for something to …

Choosing a company name should take more thought than signing for a package

If I were just starting out my business (you may be thinking that I haven’t been around for decades, and, if we’re being technical, I really only began focusing on my business for about as long as I’ve had the three containers of Yoplait yogurt currently in my fridge, but still, it seems like a long time), I think I would choose a different name. It’s not that I don’t love my …

Why your business needs a website

So your company has a logo. Now what? Before you can even order business cards, your company NEEDS a website. Notice how “needs” was emphasized back there—that was no accident. In this day of technology and consumers’ online habits, a website is not an option. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products to infants or services to seniors. It doesn’t matter if your inventory contains one simple item, if your …

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