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My son is 2 and a half. I really love this age. The main reason is that he is so easily excitable.

“We are going to visit a farm today!” I toldĀ him when it was time to get our annual pumpkin. And a huge smile overtook his face.

“Here are your new shoes!” I showed him when he started school this year. “New shoes?!” he screeched, completely amazed that he wouldn’t be wearing his summer sandals that forced his toes to poke through the holes anymore.

“Look at all the pretty leaves!” I pointed out to him when they started changing colors. And now, each and every time we go outside, it’s as if he is seeing the autumn trees for the first time.

It’s unfortunate, but this phase won’t last forever. Eventually, it will take more than an enthusiastic voice announcing he is having mac-n-cheese for dinner (again) to get a rise out of him.

Then he will be like the rest of us, and will need a serious wow factor to get his attention.

Does your website or marketing materials have something working on that job? What does the trick? What grabs your audience’s attention?

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P.S. This is not my son.
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