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Like many things I now offer my clients, I started out just wanting to do a little email marketing for myself (you can sign up for my every-other-month newsletter at the bottom of the page). And now that I’ve taken a swim in Lake Email Design for a while, I’ve discovered it’s a type of work I really enjoy!

I used to design email templates for my clients to use in an email marketing tool of their choice (Constant Contact, iContact, what have you). Then I discovered Create Send, which is a company that I partner with to offer my clients a seriously waaay better email campaign management experience than any other tool I’ve seen. If you don’t believe me, I can show you just how easy it is to use with a quick Skype call (even for some clients who claim they have trouble sending a regular email!).

I charge a project rate for creating a custom email template, based on your needs for articles, photos, a table of contents and whatever else your heart desires (and I’ll test that design in major email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and others). Then you can choose to pay a flat monthly rate or a per campaign rate to send your emails using the template, depending on what works best for you.

Designing for HTML email is much different than designing or writing code for websites, so if you don’t work with me, make sure that the person you hire to create your custom-built template is experienced in this area.

Contact me for rates or check out some of my latest email designs.

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