Print Design

While online projects are like new babies that I can’t get enough of with their chubby cheeks and tiny feet, print design is like my first-born child that made me a designer. I really find pleasure in working on a solid print piece, like a large-format brochure or a direct-mail postcard. I think it goes back to my high school yearbook days, when seeing the finished book in print at the end of the year offered a certain kind of gratification that just isn’t there with intangible projects of today.

With every print project, I offer original design composition with client-provided photos (or stock images) and text, basic copy editing, up to three rounds of client revisions, and printer coordination. I have wonderful and reasonably priced printers that I like to use, but I can also work with a printer of your choice. 

Contact me for rates on a specific project, and check out some of my print pieces.

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Jewish Museum of Maryland - Bessie Bluefeld ad