Why your business needs a logo

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If your company has been in business for one day without a logo, you have just missed out on 24 hours’ worth of opportunities to build your brand. A distinct visual representation of your company is necessary to act as a symbol of your business to the outside world, build brand awareness and establish customer recognition. It can also help your customers to attach their positive experiences to your brand.

No matter how large or small your company, regardless of whether you’re selling goods or services, or if you’re a non-profit working for the benefit of others, no matter if your office is in the penthouse suite of a fancy building or in your mother’s basement, your business needs a logo. And it needs to do three things:

  1. Represent your business as you’d like your customers to see it. Does it evoke the feelings important to your mission statement (for example, fun, friendly, professional, quality service, expertise)? Are the colors attuned to that sentiment?
  2. Be unique and easily identifiable. If you couldn’t distinguish golden arches from the Burger King bun, you wouldn’t be able to remember which fast food chain had your favorite fries. Make sure your logo is exclusively yours, and different from your competition’s.
  3. Act as the foundation for your company’s corporate identity. Everything your company produces all goes back to the logo. It should be legible at many sizes (think business card to billboard) and should stand the test of time. You want to create a consistent experience for your clients over the long haul, so make sure your logo isn’t designed to match the latest trends.

Can you name the last three stores where you made purchases? Of course you can! All you have to do is think back to the big sign at the storefront, look on your receipt or the shopping bag that holds your goods. Do you remember the company that sold you something on the street in New York City? Of course not! That “company” may have lacked both a name and logo, and the bag in which they wrapped your pashmina or knock-off watch displayed a big, red “Thank you” instead of an identifiable trademark.

With a strong logo, your company makes an instant impression of professionalism, quality and experience. Your constant goal is to strengthen that impact, and to create consistent brand recognition for your customers. Your logo should appear wherever your company’s name exists—business cards, invoices, office signage, company newsletter. Don’t neglect a single chance you have to fuel your company’s brand or mission.

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